Our Leader

Nicolas Skrzypczak

Nicolas Skrzypczak is a passionate Sales Engineer with extensive experience in business development in international markets. He founded TransAtlanticPass Consulting, L.L.C. and enjoys using his understanding of how technology can be effectively employed to secure and enhance business opportunities. Nicolas is responsible for the firm's activities worldwide and has more than 20 years' of experience in automotive industry. He has lived in France, Germany and Ireland and resides the USA.

Nicolas has worked on a wide range of assignments for world class vehicle components suppliers. Before founding TransAtlanticPass Consulting and Sales Agency LLC, he worked for MGI Coutier S.A. in Europe and in the USA, for Litens Automotive Group in Canada. His experience in the US automotive industry has lead him to identify new niche markets to win new business for innovative systems, enlisting new component suppliers in OEMs’ supply bases for Powertrain Vent and Lube systems, cooling systems, cam covers, air intake manifolds, air cleaners, vapor and liquid fuel line, carbon canisters and Instrument panel accessories such as air registers, cup holder, etc. Nicolas assisted recruiting, training and evaluating a Mexican supplier’s Sales team to expand in the local market with Visteon, Duraplast, GM Mexico, Ford Mexico, DCX Mexico, Renault Nissan and BMW Mexico purchasing office. His management experience includes spearheading a foreign vehicle component supplier’s entry to the US market and the set up of the company’s US office. It also includes new technology introduction in the US and securing automotive contracts by interfacing routinely with the OEMs from the senior Executive levels to the operational levels (FORD Motor Company, General Motors Corporation, DaimlerChrysler, Nissan-Renault, Toyota, etc.) and Tier 1s (Magna International Inc., Visteon, Delphi, Inergy Automotive, Bosch, Faurecia, ABC, etc.). Nicolas is instrumental in managing conflicts between a supplier and its OEM customer on financial and/or technical issues (design changes, productivity, etc.).