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TransAtlanticPass Consulting and Sales Agency L.L.C. is driven by a passion to represent engineered products from world class automotive manufacturers to their customers in an effective and ethical way. Our sales force has demonstrated desire and drive to be among the best professionals in the industry. 

Our sales representatives interact daily with a broad spectrum of customers, ranging from design, quality, manufacturing engineers and buyers up to the executive management of the customers' organizations. 

We boast an address book of more than 6,000 contacts across the globe and stand ready to contact your customer the very first day we service your accounts!

Our mission : to provide our clients a simple and affordable local access to the peoples and the facilities they need to supply global production contracts in the locations where decisions are made and products are assembled.

Our Approach


Our goal is to provide the final customer the best solution at the best price, and to facilitate communication with the manufacturer during the design, development and delivery of the product. 

We are committed to listening to customer's needs and problems, and documenting them in order to formulate solutions. When product specifications and validation requirements exist, we gather the manufacturer's assessment and present the needed deviations. 

We are instrumental in helping a customer challenge the manufacturer to go beyond existing manufacturing practices when a product specification requires a different process control or production method. 

During program launch, or when a quality rejection arises in production, we make ourselves available to assist with any requirement to ensure timely progress.

Why Us?


We value personal relationships. In spite of today’s fast paced economy we schedule pertinent face to face meetings with thorough, advanced preparation and follow up based on customer-relevant agenda items. We value our customers’ time and plan interactions with them so that it will move them a step closer to a purchasing decision or repeat business. 

Our sales process involves lots of listening and note taking and involving the manufacturer, resulting in an outstanding proposal addressing the customer’s need. We provide a superior service at a fraction of the cost of hiring and managing a professional sales staff. 

TransAtlanticPass Consulting and Sales  Agency L.L.C. values synergistic selling; representing a number of complimentary product lines where one single sales representative calls on a trusted circle of customers. 

More About Us

To Our Principals

We increase the value that we bring to the customer and are a dedicated solution provider to the industry. Are you tired of hearing excuses about why the economy, the competition, or the territory prevents your sales team to deliver results? Give us try and you will not regret it! 

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To Our Customers

We are committed to listen to the customer's needs and problems and document them in order to target the need and formulate the issue solutions. When product specifications and validation requirements exist, we gather the manufacturer's assessment and present the needed deviations.


TransAtlanticPass Consulting & Sales Agency L.L.C. has earned the trust and the business of many world class manufacturers and their customers and earned a reputation of a relentless, successful and respectful sales force in the industry; here is what they say about us.


Our Leader

Nicolas Skrzypczak is a seasoned automotive professional with more than 20 years of experience in the global automotive industry.

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24/7 Reporting

Every single piece of communication between our team and our customer gets recorded in a confidential written reporting file accessible 24/7 between us and our principal. 

Our Success Stories

We help our clients access 3.7 times more business opportunities in half the amount of time it would take them alone. 


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