Some words from previous customers include:

I believe Nicolas would be a positive addition to an organization looking to find and obtain new opportunities – Matt B., Sales Manager North America, MGI Coutier
Having worked with many suppliers and their reps over my 27 years at Ford, I must say that Nick is exceptional, both in his impressive technical and management skills, and in his maintaining the highest level of personal and professional integrity. – Mr. Alan B., Cooling Design Engineer, Ford Motor Company
Nicolas successfully introduced a new cutting edge technology at GMPT Engineering and Purchasing, and managed to list the new supplier on GM North American supplier list. – Mr. Dipak P., Senior Project Engineer, General Motors Corporation
I highly respect Nicolas and would recommend him to anyone in need of bridging business from one side of the ocean to the other. - Dimitri B. , Marketing & Product Planning Manager / NA, Faurecia Interior Systems
He is customer focused, very reliable and always delivers what he promises. Nicholas is a true pleasure to work with. – Alfred G., Technology Integration Engineer, General Motors
Nicolas was attentive to the OEM customer needs, and provided timely quotes for product changes, and his knowledge of engineering facilitated quick understanding of design changes. – Mr. Jeff K., Engineering Supervisor, Ford Intake Systems
Nicolas is an impressive worker, in the same time a great manager, always ready to hear others opinions, always happy and very professional. Strong, flexible and open mind, work with Nicolas is appreciable and help every one to progress. -Murray D., Onsite Engineer at Chrysler, Magna Powertrain

Nicolas Skrzypczak

Nicolas Skrzypczak is a seasoned automotive professional with more than 20 years of experience in the global automotive industry. 

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