To Our Principals

Whether you are an existing manufacturer willing to strengthen your market position, increase your

market share leveraging your competitive advantages, or penetrate a new territory as a new comer,

Transatlantic Pass Consulting & Sales Agency, L.L.C. is YOUR solution. We work hard to earn your trust and business as your professional outsourced field sales organization. Headquartered near Detroit, Michigan, we are in direct contact with the world's leading automotive OEMs and their major Tier 1 suppliers.

We take advantage of our experience in the industry going back to 1995 and reaching across the

worldwide automotive markets. With a diverse cultural and multinational background, we offer a

unique ability to listen and understand the needs of our clients and their customers: this is a 

distinct advantage that our clients benefit from when working with TransatlanticPass Consulting & Sales Agency, L.L.C. Listening and understanding our audience is also at the core of our customer

focused sales interactions throughout the consultative sales process.

We currently maintain a combined contact list that exceeds 6,000 individuals in the industry. Our contacts work for hundreds of companies ranging from automotive OEMs, heavy duty and off-road OEMs, engine manufacturers, automotive component manufacturers including engine, transmission, fuel system, chassis and interior/exterior trim component and automotive aftermarket distribution companies.

We are setting goals for our sales activities and monitor them with our clients on regular basis. Our

common goals are to generate new business to our clients. The roadblocks we uncover in the sales

progress are addressed together with our clients. Actions plans with timed objectives are agreed upon

and implemented. We will both be successful or move-on and disqualify a prospect that is not going to

turn into a customer for our manufacturer client. 

We typically serve companies with annual sales between $50 Million and $500 Million. We also take

exception to serve high potential smaller companies that have a very promising growth potential, and

for which we hold key competencies within our product expertise and contact access. We also are

serving divisions of multi-Billion dollars international corporations.