Success Stories

3 month to first major tier 1 order

 Our principal turned over the tier 1 supplier account after having been unsuccessful with this account for several years; we managed to have the local manager audit our principal facility and issue a first prototype purchase order in 3 months; our close follow up and involvement with various aspect of the project development lead to repeat order within the first year. 

$12M in 16 months

 One of our senior staff’s career accomplishments has been to win a $12 million contract for one the Detroit Big Three automotive OEM within a 16 month time frame. Our client was lead to establish a brand new “green field” manufacturing plant to support the production locally in North America. 

On Highway HD truck OEM resourcing

 In 2 year and half, we had the entire book of business of a fuel system component turned over to our principal, with whom we negotiated better supply and logistic terms than the incumbent supplier, and earned a small price increase at the same time! 

OEM Corporate Common Component

 When we were brought in to replace another rep firm to a foreign principal at this OEM’s Worldwide Head Quarters, the customer's satisfaction was at an all-time low. We openly disclosed this status, lead our principal and the customer to take an honest assessment, and start from fresh. After 7 years of local and global involvement in Detroit, Germany and Korea, we not only got our client back on the Technical Approved Supplier List, but we also managed to establish one of their part as a “Common Corporate Component”, making this part a default go-to component for most new programs BOMs. 

Saving Gamma build MRD

 With late design changes requested by the customer, our parts shipped from over seas came in the US customer plant with no-build condition; we immediately showed up at the customer assembly line, and after several dry fits, decide with the customer that machining a bracket would be acceptable under temporary deviation approval; we hand carried parts to a local machine shop, then to a lab for leak testing and back at the customer, all in time to meet MRD and avoid PRRs! 

US OEM STA Approval

 This OEM is not generally opening its supply base to new comers unless there are very compelling reasons to do so; We were faced initially with the expected closed door, but after 2.5 years of relentless effort, and a plant audit at our client’s overseas’ manufacturing Head Quarters, we managed to have this major automotive OEM “Global Purchasing - North American STA Manager” approve a foreign manufacturing plant for North American sourcing a year ago. 

We do invest into and practice constantly professional sales education and leadership education. We want to serve only the best manufacturers and want them to have high expectations from us as well. We are setting goals for our sales activities and monitor them with our clients on regular basis. The roadblocks we uncover in the sales’ progress are addressed together with our clients. Actions plans with timed objectives are agreed upon and implemented. We will both be successful or move-on and disqualify a prospect that is not going to turn into a customer for our client.

 TransAtlanticPass Consulting and Sales Agency L.L.C. has been very successful helping some of the finest auto suppliers over the years in the global automotive marketplace.